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Design is a beautiful thing. The best design can change someone's whole perspective. It can tell a personal story or define a mission in just a simple icon.

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, I grew up in an artistic family and was encouraged from an early age to keep art in my life. I had a strong background in fine art before attending college to pursue graphic design. This background gave me the stepping stones I needed to excel in the world of visual communication. As I grew in my field, I found I had a love for refining and changing workflows to make them more efficient. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the process of design for both myself and my team. Whether that be a keyboard shortcut or a new software, I am always on the hunt. (Here's proof of how I geek out to efficiency. A link of the SOP I created of ASRT's journal design production process which I improved and documented.)

I enjoy participating in anything outside. I love snowboarding, camping, water-skiing, and traveling. I was lucky enough to have our front yard featured on the DIY Network, where they literally took 8 hours and transformed it to a beautiful masterpiece.

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